Solar Winds

23 months ago

Solar Winds is a neat game by Stone Interactive. Some hackery:

Random findings:

  • The EXE contains some of the same informatiom as other files. For example. BH_CONV (conversations) and BH_START (scans).
  • The Palette (in BH_PAL.DAT) is in full 888 (8 bits per channel) format, despite this being a VGA mode 13h game (Mode 13h is 666, 6 bits per channel format). The game converts the palette on loading.
  • The bh_muNN.dat files are in CMF (Creative Music File) format but AdPlay doesn't play them back 100% correctly.

RLE Compression

Many of the files are RLE compressed. The format is:

0-254[Byte]1Literal byte
255[255][Length][Value]3Length copies of Value (byte)

Save Format

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